Renter’s Block

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I used to love writing on my blog, and would stay up till twelve or one in the morning just to finish a post.  However, I haven’t been this way lately.  I have been putting my blog on the back burner for the past few months.  It seems that I have lost my spark for writing.

I have spent some time the past few weeks thinking about my business, and what I would like to change and/or add.  There are several things I think I could do better, but the one thing I have been lacking is passion for is my blog.  Most of my post are before and after’s which I still love writing about; however, you as a reader may get sick of them. I definitely want you, my readers to keep coming back week after week.  This is why I have decided to start a segment that I will write about once a week or every other week.  (Still working on the details)  A little something for you to look forward to besides before and after’s.

I have been wanting to start a segment for a while now just wasn’t sure what type of segment I wanted that to be.  After my show a few months ago I was trying to get our house back in order, and started thinking of ways I could make our rent house feel more like a home.  I spend 95% of my time on my business, and 5% on our house.

I always read post about home owners remodeling, and quite frankly I’m jealous.  I’m jealous because they can change paint color without permission, or rip out the carpet to lay down beautiful hard wood floors.  I call this renter’s block.  I have a looooooong list of things I would change, add, or completely rip out of our current house.  Although our current house is in a great area, and probably isn’t as bad as I make it seem I still want to personalize, and update it.  I don’t think I will be completely satisfied until we own our very own home. However, buying a house is not on our immediate to-do list.

For now I will focus on the things I can change such as rugs, curtains, home décor, and possible paint color depending on if our landlord allows it.

I hope you enjoy my new segment, and I always welcome feed back.


Thank you,

Lovely Rubbish


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