Business in the front party in the back

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…That is what Max thinks when he looks at this beautiful French chair.  You will see why when I get to the reveal.

I have had this chair for almost a year now.  It has been moved in and out of the garage getting worked on a little at a time.  Although I love French chairs, some pieces just take a little longer for me to figure out exactly what I want/need to do with them. Patience is key.

Other than having old torn fabric, rough cane backing, and the little gap by the leg, she was in good condition. Basically, she had good bones and was in need of a makeover.
I stripped off all of the fabric, and painted her in an antique white the first week I brought her home.  Then back to the garage she went.. for months.  You will be happy to know that  I pulled her back out a few weeks ago, and FINISHED giving her the makeover she deserved.

She gave me fits the whole time.   I picked several different fabrics and trim.  I liked everything that I picked, but something wasn’t working once I paired them with the chair.  After deciding against my first picks I went back to Hobby Lobby.
I’m not sure what it was about this chair, but it took me forever to get it right.  I picked FOUR different trims which I was certain would look great with the fabric.  Just like the fabric I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. One was too thin, one was slightly too dark, one was too white, and I didn’t calculate correctly on the one trim that would have been perfect. (I was in such a hurry that I forgot to add the length of the back).
I then went to Joann’s and was determined to find the perfect trim for this beauty.  You see, I was moving into my bigger booth the next day, and needed to take her with me.  Lucky for me, they had the exact color and thickness that I was hoping for.  I made sure to buy extra just in case I measured incorrectly. 

Lesson learned; slow down – measure twice – shop once!
When It came to the paint that was a whole other story.  Like I said earlier, I painted her in a beautiful antique white with no distressing.  Well, when I brought her out of the garage for a third time I realized plain white was not her color.  I decided to distress her, and put a dark wax for the topcoat.  While I was roughing the white up I found a delightful bluish-green color hiding under that awful yellow paint.  Hallelujah!!  This is exactly what she needed a little distressing, and a touch of color.

Okay! Enough of what didn’t work, and more about the finished product.


These cute medallion pins on the side added a nice finishing touch to the extra cushy seat.

I am in awe over this back!  This is one of my favorite fabrics.
Can you see the bluish-green in the distressing?

My go-to for upholstering is tan or white fabrics.  In spite of that, I had a different vision for this chair.  Why not add a fun detail on the back?  I had a little left over fabric from the custom French chair I did for a friend, and decided to try it out.

I am smitten with this fabric; the colors, the pattern, all of it!

Business in the front party in the back.

This beauty has already received a lot of love!
Talk about an ego boost; seeing this made my week!!


Wouldn’t she look fabulous in a nursery?



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Flip Top Vanity; Layers & Layers

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  I went to Brady a few weeks ago to visit family, and pick up some goodies.  My mom and grandma found this beautiful vanity at a garage sale in Brady.  I absolutely LOVE the shape of the legs, and the flip top mirror.IMG_4016 image(22)I started working on the vanity the day after I got it home.  I just couldn’t wait any longer, I had to know what was hiding underneath all of the layers of paint.  I started sanding, and came across layers, and layers of paint… and more paint.  Twenty minutes later a little wood Finally broke through. Woohoo!


DSCF7117Instead of spending countless hours sanding I decided to use paint stripper.  After applying four coats of paint stripper, scrapping and sanding in between each coat, and one final round of sanding.. Viola, a beautiful wood top!!
image(22) copyimage(22) copy 3The wood underneath all of that paint is astonishing!!  I am so glad I took the time to strip, and sand the top.

I thought about stripping the base, but I really like the way the layers of chippy paint textured the vanity.
image(2)*Can you see all of the texture the layers of chippy paint left me?

My vision for this beauty was dark stained wood on top with an antique white base.

However, the antique white was a little too white with how dark I made the top.  I mixed the stain I used for the top of the vanity with VM&D’s wax to slightly darken the base.
DSCF7139I let it sit for twenty-four hours then gradually rubbed it off in a circular motion.  It ended up giving it the perfect amount of color without taking away from the antique white I wanted.
DSCF7154All I had to do know was apply my top coat, and have a photo shoot. My favorite part!!

DSCF7156Look at that beautiful wood, Ah!
image(4)editI paired it with this super cute wooden fold up chair; a match made in heaven!


Sneak Peak: My latest custom piece;  I can’t wait to share it with you!!


The Super Chippy Chair

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On one of my Goodwill trips I found a chair, a little smaller, but almost identical to the one my mom brought down for me before OSTD.  My plan was to clean up, re-paint, and distress this chippy chair. Once I started cleaning the chair paint started falling off.  I then decided to lightly sand, and seal this lovely chair instead of paint her!
I have been wanting to create a super chippy piece for a while now, but I haven’t found the right piece, until now!!

(Don’t tell Max, but if someone doesn’t buy this chippy beauty I wont be disappointed.)

I did not have a product at home to seal chippy paint the way I needed to seal this chair.  After reading one of Miss Mustard Seed’s posts about sealing chippy paint with a product called tough coat I knew it was what I needed to seal this chippy beauty.  I read more about the product, and decided to order the tough coat to give it a try.
It worked like a charm!!  You can now sit down without any paint chips falling off or getting stuck to your bottom.

Pair this unique back with some chippy goodness, and you have the perfect match!

A few pieces of fine grit sand paper and a good sealer is all it took to bring out the super chippy beauty of this chair.

This super chippy chair is available to purchase; If interested please comment or email me at


I have a few exciting things in the works, including craft paper and burlap trivets, and a console table turned vanity.  I can not wait to share these projects with you guys!!


I’m linked up at HOH Found and Foraged Linky Party.  You should stop by, and check out all of the wonderful makeovers!

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French Chair Transformation

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Remember those two french chairs I found at Goodwill? Well, one of them got a makeover!!


Can you believe the transformation? She’s stunning!!


This french chair was painted in a mixture of old white paint and primer. After one coat of primer and three coats of the mixture, I lightly distressed the details on this piece. In this case a little goes a long way!


The fabric pairs beautifully with this piece.

It’s hard to believe this is the same chair I picked up in July. Dark fabric, blonde wood, and desperately in need of a little TLC. You can check out the before post of this piece here.


I know I’ve said this before, but this IS my favorite piece.. so far. She is so bright and delightful; makes me smile every time I get a glimpse of this beauty.




I have a lot I have been working on for OSTD, but it has been rainy and gloomy out the past few days. Unfortunately I do not have great lighting in our house so pictures had to be put on hold. I will have more to show you soon!



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