Business in the front party in the back

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…That is what Max thinks when he looks at this beautiful French chair.  You will see why when I get to the reveal.

I have had this chair for almost a year now.  It has been moved in and out of the garage getting worked on a little at a time.  Although I love French chairs, some pieces just take a little longer for me to figure out exactly what I want/need to do with them. Patience is key.

Other than having old torn fabric, rough cane backing, and the little gap by the leg, she was in good condition. Basically, she had good bones and was in need of a makeover.
I stripped off all of the fabric, and painted her in an antique white the first week I brought her home.  Then back to the garage she went.. for months.  You will be happy to know that  I pulled her back out a few weeks ago, and FINISHED giving her the makeover she deserved.

She gave me fits the whole time.   I picked several different fabrics and trim.  I liked everything that I picked, but something wasn’t working once I paired them with the chair.  After deciding against my first picks I went back to Hobby Lobby.
I’m not sure what it was about this chair, but it took me forever to get it right.  I picked FOUR different trims which I was certain would look great with the fabric.  Just like the fabric I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. One was too thin, one was slightly too dark, one was too white, and I didn’t calculate correctly on the one trim that would have been perfect. (I was in such a hurry that I forgot to add the length of the back).
I then went to Joann’s and was determined to find the perfect trim for this beauty.  You see, I was moving into my bigger booth the next day, and needed to take her with me.  Lucky for me, they had the exact color and thickness that I was hoping for.  I made sure to buy extra just in case I measured incorrectly. 

Lesson learned; slow down – measure twice – shop once!
When It came to the paint that was a whole other story.  Like I said earlier, I painted her in a beautiful antique white with no distressing.  Well, when I brought her out of the garage for a third time I realized plain white was not her color.  I decided to distress her, and put a dark wax for the topcoat.  While I was roughing the white up I found a delightful bluish-green color hiding under that awful yellow paint.  Hallelujah!!  This is exactly what she needed a little distressing, and a touch of color.

Okay! Enough of what didn’t work, and more about the finished product.


These cute medallion pins on the side added a nice finishing touch to the extra cushy seat.

I am in awe over this back!  This is one of my favorite fabrics.
Can you see the bluish-green in the distressing?

My go-to for upholstering is tan or white fabrics.  In spite of that, I had a different vision for this chair.  Why not add a fun detail on the back?  I had a little left over fabric from the custom French chair I did for a friend, and decided to try it out.

I am smitten with this fabric; the colors, the pattern, all of it!

Business in the front party in the back.

This beauty has already received a lot of love!
Talk about an ego boost; seeing this made my week!!


Wouldn’t she look fabulous in a nursery?



Lovely Rubbish



Console Table Turned Vanity: Final Post

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I can finally reveal the finished product of the console table turned vanity.  We recently moved to Lubbock, and things have been a little hectic.  I misplaced my camera cord during the move, and wasn’t having any luck finding it.  I unpacked one of the last boxes that I had to unpack last night, and there it was.  I might have done a little dance when I found it.  Finally, I was able to upload, and edit the vanity pictures as well as some family picture’s we took in the blue bonnets this past week.  My mom has always wanted picture’s of us kids in the blue bonnets, and we made it happen this year.

Back to the vanity:

I usually like to wait until the end to show you the finished piece, but I am so excited about this piece I just can’t wait.


If you haven’t read about how this black and white beauty started out you can view that here.

DSCF6646logo  DSCF6649logo

After Max and I cut all of the wood we braced the back on with 2X4’s. (Sorry I did not get picture’s of this process.)  I then went in with Elmer’s wood filler to fill in the design on the back, and other area’s that needed to be patched.  I added the two lighter pieces of wood to fill in the holes where the glass used to be.  Quarter inch plywood did the trick!  After sanding, and reapplying the wood filler a few more times she was ready for paint.


I painted one coat of black chalk paint, and then went over with three coats of a grayish white chalk paint that I mixed up.  I painted the black underneath so you could see black when I distressed this piece.

All of the detail that this console table had made for beautiful distressing!

I also painted the inside of the indented rectangle on top of the vanity, and added black fabric to frame the mirror to add some depth to this lovely piece.

You can see in the picture above how the black ribbon makes the mirror pop!

A view of the inside of the drawer!  The drawer was the hardest part for me.  For some reason the black and white striped craft paper was not wanting to cooperate. It kept leaving wrinkles in the craft paper. Right when I was about to give up, and paint the drawer solid black I decided to try a vintage, white-wash type of look; it worked perfectly!!  If you ever have wrinkles while decoupaging.. leave it!  It might just work out for you.


Max and I also made a bench seat to match the vanity.

The top of the bench mirror’s the top of the vanity.

Last but definitely not least.. these BEAUTIFUL casters!

Adding the casters provided additional height, and make the piece more functional while looking absolutely gorgeous. Okay, maybe I am a little crazy about casters, but I can’t help it!  They are possibly my favorite part about this vanity? hmm.

Below is a few more picture’s from the photo shoot. Enjoy!

Max thought I was crazy when I was in the back yard picking sticks to stage with.  I had to work with what was on hand, and I love the way it turned out!

DSCF6683logo    DSCF6685logo
I just love this old clock! Honestly, the patina on the back may be my favorite part!

DSCF6674logo    DSCF6668logo
Of course, I had to add some spring flowers into the mix!

DSCF6760 DSCF6722
Beautiful blue bonnets.  The wild flowers made the drive to Brady so much better!

I have some exciting news to share with you, BUT it will have to wait until next week!  It is something I have been wanting since starting my business just haven’t been in the right place to make it happen.  I can’t wait to share with you!!


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