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Rustic Multi-Colored Desk!

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Ashley, one of my friends here in Lubbock is a teacher, and asked me to refinish a desk that was given to her.  The desk was a little funky, but is very sturdy, and in great shape!!  Ashley wanted the desk to be professional, but fun at the same time.  She sent me a few pictures of what she liked/loved, but gave me free reign to do what I thought would look best.  I love having free reign to work on a custom piece.  It definitely makes the process a lot less stressful, and more fun for me of course!

Like I was saying earlier the desk was a little crazy!!
AshleysdeskbeforeShe wanted it multi-colored rustic similar to the picture below.
IMG_4328In order achieve the look she wanted I had to strip the whole desk.  Since there was only ONE layer of paint I thought I would be able to sand the desk, and start painting right away.  Wrong!  Sanding barely took any paint off.  I then resorted to my handy paint stripper. Thinking “this always works” I applied the paint stripper, waited a few hours, and attempted to scrap it off.  Wrong again!!  The paint stripper took off more then the sanding did, but still barely made a dent.  I started getting a little frustrated not being able to figure out how to take the paint off of her desk.  As I was applying another coat of paint stripper I rubbed the paint brush on an area that already had paint stripper.  To my surprise some of the paint came off with every brush stroke that I made where the paint was wet.  Hmm.  Is water what I need to get this stubborn paint off?  Yes!  I ended up using water, and a soft bristle scrub brush.  Worked like a charm!!
IMG_4330So I didn’t get all of the paint off, but luckily for this type of painting it wasn’t necessary.

I now have a beautiful wooden desk; The wood grain on this beauty is unbelievable!!
IMG_3714I really like the way the stubborn pieces of blue paint show through on the top.  This adds a little color to the top without taking away from that beautiful wood grain!!

Picking out the paint was really exciting!  I got to pick out several different colors instead of one or two.  I used twelve different colors on this beautiful desk, sounds crazy right?
IMG_4334The desk did not come with knobs and the previous holes had been semi-filled in.  Time to go shopping!!
IMG_3707At first I pictured beautiful, glass knobs. Max suggested bronze knobs since I was using a dark stain.  When I got to Lowes, these were the first knobs I saw.  They were the perfect size, shape, and a beautiful bronze!

Here she is – professional and fun!


I have so many picture’s of this beautiful desk that I want to share, but the post would be way too long.  Be looking for a photo shoot with this rustic beauty, and a tutorial on my rustic painting process!!