Flip Top Vanity; Layers & Layers

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  I went to Brady a few weeks ago to visit family, and pick up some goodies.  My mom and grandma found this beautiful vanity at a garage sale in Brady.  I absolutely LOVE the shape of the legs, and the flip top mirror.IMG_4016 image(22)I started working on the vanity the day after I got it home.  I just couldn’t wait any longer, I had to know what was hiding underneath all of the layers of paint.  I started sanding, and came across layers, and layers of paint… and more paint.  Twenty minutes later a little wood Finally broke through. Woohoo!


DSCF7117Instead of spending countless hours sanding I decided to use paint stripper.  After applying four coats of paint stripper, scrapping and sanding in between each coat, and one final round of sanding.. Viola, a beautiful wood top!!
image(22) copyimage(22) copy 3The wood underneath all of that paint is astonishing!!  I am so glad I took the time to strip, and sand the top.

I thought about stripping the base, but I really like the way the layers of chippy paint textured the vanity.
image(2)*Can you see all of the texture the layers of chippy paint left me?

My vision for this beauty was dark stained wood on top with an antique white base.

However, the antique white was a little too white with how dark I made the top.  I mixed the stain I used for the top of the vanity with VM&D’s wax to slightly darken the base.
DSCF7139I let it sit for twenty-four hours then gradually rubbed it off in a circular motion.  It ended up giving it the perfect amount of color without taking away from the antique white I wanted.
DSCF7154All I had to do know was apply my top coat, and have a photo shoot. My favorite part!!

DSCF7156Look at that beautiful wood, Ah!
image(4)editI paired it with this super cute wooden fold up chair; a match made in heaven!


Sneak Peak: My latest custom piece;  I can’t wait to share it with you!!


DIY Drawer tutorial

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This was my first time to ever make a drawer from scratch.  I wanted to get my Papa’s help so I didn’t ruin the piece. My Papa has been building furniture, houses, pretty much anything to do with wood for as long as I can remember.  He was the perfect person to go to!!

The supplies we used were:

  • Plywood
  • nails
  • 1×4
  • 1×2
  • skill saw
  • drawer face

We started by figuring out how long we wanted the drawer.  From there we measured out then cut the drawer face off of the console table. There was no need to buy one, the front piece of the console table worked perfectly! We then scored the console table where there might have been glue.  Scoring helped get the drawer face loose, and minimized the risk of it breaking as we were tapping it off with the hammer.

After we got the drawer face off of the console table we measured, and cut the 1×4 and 1×2 to make the base of the vanity drawer. We used the 1×4 on the sides, and front of the drawer base. We used the 1×2 on the back of the drawer because we needed it to be slightly lower than the rest of the drawer.

Below is my Papa working on the drawer, and my brother, Daltyn learning.

(Drawer face with sides attached.)

On the back we added two 1×2’s; the picture below just has one.


The outline of the drawer base is now finished.  The next step is to cut a piece of plywood for the bottom.


You can see the board slightly under the drawer face, but this piece of board blended right in once I painted the vanity.

Viola! A simple way to make a drawer from scratch.

DSCF6527   DSCF6528

All that is left to do is paint, and add the drawer slides!


If you have any question’s about making your own drawer please comment. I would love to hear from you!


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Console Table Turned Vanity: Final Post

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I can finally reveal the finished product of the console table turned vanity.  We recently moved to Lubbock, and things have been a little hectic.  I misplaced my camera cord during the move, and wasn’t having any luck finding it.  I unpacked one of the last boxes that I had to unpack last night, and there it was.  I might have done a little dance when I found it.  Finally, I was able to upload, and edit the vanity pictures as well as some family picture’s we took in the blue bonnets this past week.  My mom has always wanted picture’s of us kids in the blue bonnets, and we made it happen this year.

Back to the vanity:

I usually like to wait until the end to show you the finished piece, but I am so excited about this piece I just can’t wait.


If you haven’t read about how this black and white beauty started out you can view that here.

DSCF6646logo  DSCF6649logo

After Max and I cut all of the wood we braced the back on with 2X4’s. (Sorry I did not get picture’s of this process.)  I then went in with Elmer’s wood filler to fill in the design on the back, and other area’s that needed to be patched.  I added the two lighter pieces of wood to fill in the holes where the glass used to be.  Quarter inch plywood did the trick!  After sanding, and reapplying the wood filler a few more times she was ready for paint.


I painted one coat of black chalk paint, and then went over with three coats of a grayish white chalk paint that I mixed up.  I painted the black underneath so you could see black when I distressed this piece.

All of the detail that this console table had made for beautiful distressing!

I also painted the inside of the indented rectangle on top of the vanity, and added black fabric to frame the mirror to add some depth to this lovely piece.

You can see in the picture above how the black ribbon makes the mirror pop!

A view of the inside of the drawer!  The drawer was the hardest part for me.  For some reason the black and white striped craft paper was not wanting to cooperate. It kept leaving wrinkles in the craft paper. Right when I was about to give up, and paint the drawer solid black I decided to try a vintage, white-wash type of look; it worked perfectly!!  If you ever have wrinkles while decoupaging.. leave it!  It might just work out for you.


Max and I also made a bench seat to match the vanity.

The top of the bench mirror’s the top of the vanity.

Last but definitely not least.. these BEAUTIFUL casters!

Adding the casters provided additional height, and make the piece more functional while looking absolutely gorgeous. Okay, maybe I am a little crazy about casters, but I can’t help it!  They are possibly my favorite part about this vanity? hmm.

Below is a few more picture’s from the photo shoot. Enjoy!

Max thought I was crazy when I was in the back yard picking sticks to stage with.  I had to work with what was on hand, and I love the way it turned out!

DSCF6683logo    DSCF6685logo
I just love this old clock! Honestly, the patina on the back may be my favorite part!

DSCF6674logo    DSCF6668logo
Of course, I had to add some spring flowers into the mix!

DSCF6760 DSCF6722
Beautiful blue bonnets.  The wild flowers made the drive to Brady so much better!

I have some exciting news to share with you, BUT it will have to wait until next week!  It is something I have been wanting since starting my business just haven’t been in the right place to make it happen.  I can’t wait to share with you!!


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Console Table Turned Vanity: Part One

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For the past few weeks the weather has been lousy!  There has been three days of really cold, wet weather to one day of sunshine. Needless to say my work days have been scarce.  I haven’t been able to complete any of the projects that I have started.  However, I snapped some photo’s of the progress that has been made on the vanity so far.  I can not wait to start painting this piece!!

On to the vanity:

One of Holly’s co-workers recently got married and moved into their first home together; they are planning on turning one of the spare bedrooms into a dressing room for Destiny (the newlywed).  One night Holly and I were talking about what I was going to do for work in Pecos.  That is when she started telling me about the newlyweds, and the vanity that Destiny is wanting in her dressing room.

I started talking to Destiny to learn what her style is, and what she kind of vanity she was wanting.  After many trips to antique shops, garage sales, goodwill, and browsing Craigslist I came up empty handed.  However, I came across a console table that was the shape she was looking for.  I knew it would be twice the work since I was having to start from scratch, but this was a challenge I was very excited for!!

I found a console table with good bones at an antique mall in Midland; this is what I used for the vanity base.  It had the shape she was looking for, but was not a vanity.

DSCF6546   DSCF6543

I drew out several idea’s of what the console table will look like when the top part is added on.  Once Destiny picked the design she liked best Max and I started measuring out and cutting the boards.

DSCF6548  DSCF6540

I couldn’t have done this without Max!  After working on one piece for so long I get jumbled and need a second opinion.  Mostly when it comes to measuring, and making sure the cuts are precise!

DSCF6528  DSCF6527

This piece lacked room for make-up and hair products.  I had to find some way to add a drawer!  I took the vanity with me to Brady, and talked over my options with my grandparents.  My Nanny helped me pick the best idea for a drawer, and my Papa showed me how to build a drawer from scratch.  I learn so much from these wonderful individuals!!

I am so eager to start painting, and see the final product I can’t stand it!!  I sure hope the weather starts cooperating with me soon.



Be looking for a DIY drawer tutorial from scratch in the near future!!


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