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Rustic Desk Photo Shoot

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I had a blast working on this desk, and getting to try a new style of painting.  When Ashley sent me the picture that she loved I honestly wasn’t sure if I could recreate that style.  However, I told her I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I would love to give it a try.  She sent me a back up picture just in case it didn’t work out. I am so glad she trusted me enough to let me experiment on her desk.  I can’t wait for my next rustic painting project!!

IMG_3694This will not be a very wordy post, but it will be filled with picture’s of this stunning desk!

IMG_3701 copy

IMG_3696You can see the before pictures on my post Rustic Multi-Colored Desk.



IMG_3706I love the natural patterns the wood grain gives this amazing piece.



I love these keyholes!





I hope you have enjoyed reading about this beauty as much as I’ve enjoyed refinishing it, and writing about it.


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Rustic Multi-Colored Desk!

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Ashley, one of my friends here in Lubbock is a teacher, and asked me to refinish a desk that was given to her.  The desk was a little funky, but is very sturdy, and in great shape!!  Ashley wanted the desk to be professional, but fun at the same time.  She sent me a few pictures of what she liked/loved, but gave me free reign to do what I thought would look best.  I love having free reign to work on a custom piece.  It definitely makes the process a lot less stressful, and more fun for me of course!

Like I was saying earlier the desk was a little crazy!!
AshleysdeskbeforeShe wanted it multi-colored rustic similar to the picture below.
IMG_4328In order achieve the look she wanted I had to strip the whole desk.  Since there was only ONE layer of paint I thought I would be able to sand the desk, and start painting right away.  Wrong!  Sanding barely took any paint off.  I then resorted to my handy paint stripper. Thinking “this always works” I applied the paint stripper, waited a few hours, and attempted to scrap it off.  Wrong again!!  The paint stripper took off more then the sanding did, but still barely made a dent.  I started getting a little frustrated not being able to figure out how to take the paint off of her desk.  As I was applying another coat of paint stripper I rubbed the paint brush on an area that already had paint stripper.  To my surprise some of the paint came off with every brush stroke that I made where the paint was wet.  Hmm.  Is water what I need to get this stubborn paint off?  Yes!  I ended up using water, and a soft bristle scrub brush.  Worked like a charm!!
IMG_4330So I didn’t get all of the paint off, but luckily for this type of painting it wasn’t necessary.

I now have a beautiful wooden desk; The wood grain on this beauty is unbelievable!!
IMG_3714I really like the way the stubborn pieces of blue paint show through on the top.  This adds a little color to the top without taking away from that beautiful wood grain!!

Picking out the paint was really exciting!  I got to pick out several different colors instead of one or two.  I used twelve different colors on this beautiful desk, sounds crazy right?
IMG_4334The desk did not come with knobs and the previous holes had been semi-filled in.  Time to go shopping!!
IMG_3707At first I pictured beautiful, glass knobs. Max suggested bronze knobs since I was using a dark stain.  When I got to Lowes, these were the first knobs I saw.  They were the perfect size, shape, and a beautiful bronze!

Here she is – professional and fun!


I have so many picture’s of this beautiful desk that I want to share, but the post would be way too long.  Be looking for a photo shoot with this rustic beauty, and a tutorial on my rustic painting process!!




Flip Top Vanity; Layers & Layers

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  I went to Brady a few weeks ago to visit family, and pick up some goodies.  My mom and grandma found this beautiful vanity at a garage sale in Brady.  I absolutely LOVE the shape of the legs, and the flip top mirror.IMG_4016 image(22)I started working on the vanity the day after I got it home.  I just couldn’t wait any longer, I had to know what was hiding underneath all of the layers of paint.  I started sanding, and came across layers, and layers of paint… and more paint.  Twenty minutes later a little wood Finally broke through. Woohoo!


DSCF7117Instead of spending countless hours sanding I decided to use paint stripper.  After applying four coats of paint stripper, scrapping and sanding in between each coat, and one final round of sanding.. Viola, a beautiful wood top!!
image(22) copyimage(22) copy 3The wood underneath all of that paint is astonishing!!  I am so glad I took the time to strip, and sand the top.

I thought about stripping the base, but I really like the way the layers of chippy paint textured the vanity.
image(2)*Can you see all of the texture the layers of chippy paint left me?

My vision for this beauty was dark stained wood on top with an antique white base.

However, the antique white was a little too white with how dark I made the top.  I mixed the stain I used for the top of the vanity with VM&D’s wax to slightly darken the base.
DSCF7139I let it sit for twenty-four hours then gradually rubbed it off in a circular motion.  It ended up giving it the perfect amount of color without taking away from the antique white I wanted.
DSCF7154All I had to do know was apply my top coat, and have a photo shoot. My favorite part!!

DSCF7156Look at that beautiful wood, Ah!
image(4)editI paired it with this super cute wooden fold up chair; a match made in heaven!


Sneak Peak: My latest custom piece;  I can’t wait to share it with you!!


Wood Grain & Hucklebuck’s!

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I have some exciting news!!  Kristi from Hucklebuck’s and I partnered up, and now have a booth at ‘As Time Goes By’ in Lubbock, TX!   ‘As Time Goes By‘ is a cute little antique shop on 34th street.  Our style’s are very similar, and I love the way our booth is turning out.  I will post picture’s after this weekend.  I am so excited to have partnered up with Kristi!!
Tonight I have two side tables to share with you.  My parents got both of these side tables for me from garage sales around Brady.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but I loved the shape of them both.
DSCF6929However, I did not like the yellowish veneer!!

I started sanding to see what the wood that was hiding under the hideous veneer looked like.
DSCF6933Hallelujah, gorgeous wood grain!
DSCF7044  I left some of the light yellow that was hiding under the ugly yellow veneer.  I feel like it highlights the wood grain.  Lovely!

I wasn’t too sure what color would go best with the top.  After testing out a few light colors I decided to go with a black chalk paint from Vintage Market & Design. Kristi is a retailer, and I love working with this paint.  Side not: I have always made my own chalk paint.  Although they worked, I always found chunks of plaster of Paris in the paint.  This never really bothered me at the time since you can sand it down, and they are gone.  After working with VM&D’s chalk paint.. I don’t want to go back to making my own!!

Sorry, I got a little side tracked.  Back to the lovely black side table.  The black paired so well with the light wood top.  It’s a match made in heaven!
The flash below was given to me by my Nanny and Pops for my birthday along with some really awesome old camera’s, a projector, and a tripod.
DSCF7046DSCF7047  …this vintage tripod.  I am smitten over this beauty!
DSCF7049DSCF7052I absolutely admire the feet on this gorgeous tripod.
DSCF7056in love.
Now to the cabin style side table!

Unfortunately, I did not get a before picture, but I will try to describe it the best I can for you.  It was dark brown, scratched up, and the wood grain on top was hidden. What? How can someone cover up beautiful wood grain?
We started calling it the cabin side table because the metal screen on the back feels like it should belong in a warm, cozy, cabin.  Max and I had actually talked about painting it a light forest green to continue with the cabin feel. However, I had just partnered up with Kristi, and really wanted to try out VM&D’s chalk paint so I went with robins egg instead.

DSCF7060She is a little more girlie than what was intended, but I love it!

DSCF7069Another polaroid camera that my Nanny and Pops gave me for my birthday.

DSCF7072Love those red and white straws; They are so fun to stage with!

Both of these beauties are for sale at As Time Goes By. 🙂

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*I am not sponsored by VM&D, and all opinions in this post are mine.